Dear Inventor:

In order to decide whether or not you have a good case, we first need to insure that our firm does not already represent anyone whose interests are adverse to yours. That is called a conflicts check. My assistant will ask you for the necessary information, which will include your contact information, an identification of the type of property (for example, the patent number), and the names of any potential infringers. We cannot proceed without checking.

After we have checked conflicts, we need information about your case. You are under no obligation to us while we evaluate your case.

If you are concerned about the confidentiality of your information, you may want to send it by Federal Express, mail or facsimile, rather than by email.

We ask a number of questions in our evaluation. Here are the questions we start with:

1) If a patent is involved, we need a copy of the patent. If it is a copyright or trademark, we need samples and any registration. We may also need the prosecution history as well.

2) If you have trade secrets, we need a description of the trade secrets, and what you have done to protect them from disclosure or unauthorized use.

3) Do you have an agreement of any kind with the entity misusing your property?

4) We need names and addresses for anyone who is wrongfully using your property.

5) What is your basis for believing that someone is infringing your patent or copyright, or misusing your trade secrets? Do you have brochures, advertising materials, web site information or the like showing infringement or misuse?

6) How have you been damaged? For example, what royalties or product sales have you lost as a result of the infringement or misuse? How has your business been negatively impacted?