Interesting Cases & Patents

Alexander Graham Bell -Telegraphy

Chester Carlson-Electron Photography

William Friedman – Cryptographic System

Thomas Alva Edison – Electric Lamp

Enrico Fermi & Leo Szilard — Neutronic Reactor

R. H. Goddard – Rocket Apparatus

H. Hollerith – Apparatus for Compiling Statistics

Elias Howe – Sewing Machine

Samuel Morse – Telegraph

Nicola Tesla – Electro Magnetic Motor

Wright Brothers – Airplane

Eli Whitney – Cotton Gin

Often historical accounts are simplified or glamorized, with the details of court battles glossed over or even omitted. Revealed here are some of the better known — as well as some of the lesser known — legal battles that serve to make us less sure of the true status of some inventors.

Alexander Graham Bell Invented the Telephone…Or Did He?

Samuel Morse is the Name Behind the Code…But Should It Be?

Edison and the Electric Light – Synonymous?

Edwin Armstrong – David vs. Goliath for the FM Radio

Armstrong Again – Tough Luck on the Technical Side

Saga of the Scanner Radio

The Snowmobile – From Strife to Success

The Highwayman’s Case (Everet v. Williams)

For the Fans of Wile E. Coyote – Defendant ACME’s Opening Statement

The Flip-Flop Fold Chart – A Juggernaut of a Claim

If You Thought You Had a Laches Problem

An Unusual Perjury Case – When is a Duck a Bird?

Jurisdiction over the “Dark Side”

Kent “Copyright” Norman – A Man With an Attitude

Blackie the Cat –  major breakthrough in metaphysics? (Jones v. Ault)

Unusual Intervenor

Swinyer Complaint

Swinyer Declaration

Swinyer Notice of Appeal

Animal Toy

Canine Scuba

Coffin Alarm System

Device for Treatment of Hiccups

Religious Soap

Sanitary Appliance for Birds

System and Method for Providing Reservations for Restroom Use

User Operated Amusement Apparatus for Kicking User’s Buttocks